CLIENT | HarperCollins

This is my most recent piece of work. It’s only taken the last five years of my life from pitch to publication, but it was absolutely worth it because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I not only got to be designer, illustrator and art director but also author for the first time too. What a project to cut my teeth on!

Building on my foundation of 20 years as a designer and illustrator for print, this project pushed me to new levels of technical ability and skill sets. I had to learn how to produce data from knowledge and information in a way that could be analysed correctly, wire framed, while managing a large team. And all this was before the creative process could start!

I am still blown away by the unbelievable honour to even have been invited to pitch for this job, never mind being it’s author. Do go and have a look, I’m as proud as punch!